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Send Me

2020 / 1 Song

In February 2019, one of our pastors, Chuck Mingo, gave a message called "Too Good To Be True" that was all about the grace of God. It was a powerful message for our church and a powerful one for me. Chuck said, "This grace saves us, and it sends us." Those words stuck with me, and a couple days later this entire first verse came out of me. Come to think of it, we should probably give Chuck some writing credits, but shhhhh.

That idea that we've been saved by the free grace of God. It's his free gift that broke through and offered life to me, and changed me forever. It's a gift that calls me to go and offer the same to everyone and anyone. This grace isn't a gift we're just supposed to sit and enjoy by ourselves. It's a grace that sends us out to go and run to people who need life. It's a grace that changes how I treat others and how I forgive others - freely I've received so freely I will give. Whoa ... I need to sit with that for a minute, and I ask myself is that the kind of grace I give away. This grace we've received should be evident in all we do and should change our cities.

That's what I hope this song brings. I hope it's an opportunity for reordering priorities, for repenting from taking this gift for granted, and saying loudly, "Thank you God for waking me up! Now send me out today to bring life to someone else!" That's what that message did for me back in February.

-Justin Mosteller, Worship Leader, Crossroads Music