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Each of us are musicians and worship leaders who serve weekly at Crossroads Church sites across the Cincinnati area. We’re also friends, mothers, fathers, sons and daughters who believe in the power of music and the power of God. Our hope is to create music that’s useful to our church. And our songs are written to help you connect with God in whatever season of life you find yourself. If you’re struggling and seeking hope, or if you’re joyful in redemption, or lost in confusion — we have a song for you to sing.

Meet Our People


Justin Mosteller

Crossroads Oakley Worship Leader

First and foremost, Justin is a pastor. It just so happens that he’s also great at music. After touring with the band Carrollton for 12 years, he made Crossroads his home. Justin brings a brilliant blend of music, pastoring, and teaching to every worship set, and we’re grateful to have him on our team.


Austin Livingood

Crossroads Eastside Worship Leader

Austin has been playing rock ‘n roll since he was just a toddler. He’s also a songwriter through-and-through who has helped pen some of our greatest church anthems. Whether he’s leading from piano or guitar, his raw (and sometimes super Kentucky) leadership is disarming & refreshing. He’s a true gift to our team.


Brittany Sipling

Crossroads Florence, Worship Leader

Brittany leads with a passionate voice that cuts through the noise. Coming to us in 2021 from the amazing Soul Church in Norwich, England, she thrives in the space between the planned and the spontaneous – and her community thrives under her leadership. We’re excited for her voice to influence our community for years to come.


Eric Cash

Oakley Music Director/Worship Leader

Eric (Cash-Money) Cash is a multi-instrumentalist and producer who brings depth & diversity to each weekend worship set. His leadership style is full of energy and fun, and his songwriting & arranging abilities shine on tracks like “Always Moving.” He’s a treasure to our community.


Robbie Reider

Crossroads Music Leader

A veteran worship leader and musician, Robbie constantly champions the creation and production of new projects, with a leadership style that blurs the boundaries between being a teaching pastor and a musician. He’s been leading at Crossroads for the past 15 years - and for our sake, we certainly are grateful.


Deborah (Debo) Tadesse

Crossroads Students Worship Director

Debo is the backbone of the Crossroads Student Worship team, and is truly devoted to helping students become courageous followers of Christ. Whether she’s leading from piano or guitar, her style is soulful & her joy is contagious. We’re thankful any time Debo comes to join the band. She’s a true gift to our community.

About The Label

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Small write up about the label. Crossroads Music is a collective of worship artists creating music to help our community and the Church connect with God in meaningful ways. becrecordings.com