That Name - Live

Robbie Reider and Erica Bostick




If You never breathed the breath of life
If You never broke the dark with light
A cloud in the day and a fire by night
Your name would be enough


If You never calmed the raging sea
If You never crushed my enemies
If You never came down to set me free
Your name would be enough


Jesus, Jesus, how we love to sing
Jesus, Jesus, King above all Kings
Jesus, Jesus, there’s power when we say
Jesus, there’s something about that name


If You never hear my desperate cry
If You never heal my anxious mind
You are still worthy and I would still find
Your name would be enough


Who called the wayward home, Jesus
Who loves us as His own, Jesus
Whose kingdom will forever reign
Who will the saints and angels praise
Who is the name above all names, Jesus


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