Songs to Master your Mind Are you experiencing stress, anxiety, or loneliness? God has something to say about your emotions, and we’ve created a playlist to help you take these emotions to God. Here are three simple steps to help you invite God into this process.
-Robbie Reider, Worship & Music Director, Crossroads Music

Step 1.Choose Your Preferred Streaming Service and push play on the playlist Step 2.Eliminate distractions (maybe that’s putting in Airpods or headphones) Step 3.Say this simple prayer “God, I invite you to reveal yourself to me in new ways” and listen for 9 minutues. Want to jumpstart your time? What emotion or thought are you experiencing now?
  • __Anxiety?__ Listen to Peace
  • Feeling __Overwhelmed?__ Listen to Overcomes.
  • Feeling __isolated and alone?__ Listen to Never Let Go
  • At the __end of your rope?__ Listen to Let Me
  • Feeling like __God isn’t really God?__ Listen to Faithful
  • You __can’t hear God__ right now? Listen to Listen

Backstory on the Songs

“All anxiety bows in the presence of Jesus the keeper of peace.” Take those words in for just a moment. If Jesus is the Prince of Peace then all of my anxiety comes under his dominion and flees in His presence. As you listen to this song, relax, take a deep breath, and in faith believe that God can handle your worries and problems. In fact, he actually wants to.

To say that someone is an “overcomer” is to say that they’re more powerful than the obstacle they’re coming in contact with. When we say, “You’re the God who overcomes,” we’re proclaiming our belief that there’s nothing in heaven or on earth that can stop His intentions from becoming a reality. In our lives, each day can seem to bring a new barrier: a failing relationship, a troubling diagnosis, chronic illness, broken marriage, falling to temptation. But - none of these things are deal-breakers for our God. He says, “Give me your worst-case scenario; Death. I’ve already overcome it. And I can overcome your brokenness too.” We sing “Overcomes” as a declaration of His character, and as a reminder to our souls of who saves us.

Never Let Go
There is no shortage of songs that involve the love of God, but somehow each describes it a different way. “Never Let Go” is a song that grabs hold of the kind of love that God offers. No matter how much love is needed and longed for, no matter what’s been done, no one can be separated from God’s love. In our loneliness and darkest hours, we can know that we’re never alone.

Let Me
In worship songs, we hear Jesus referred to in many different ways: Savior, Redeemer, Christ, etc. But rarely do we hear a song coming from the perspective of Jesus. On Easter of 2018, Crossroads Music released the song “Let Me” as a way to communicate God’s specific love and passion for us - that no burden is too big for His shoulders to carry, no sin is too big that the blood He shed can’t cover it, and that no life is too damned to not be saved.

As we walk through the both simplicities and complexities of life, it can be a great reminder that every scenario can be backed by the faithfulness of God. The song “Faithful” is a reminder of the ways from the past, present, and future that God has proven himself time and time again. In every circumstance, even when we don’t understand the outcomes, God is still faithful. Yesterday, today, and forever.